Garage Door Service and Maintenance in New Jersey

Don’t forget to schedule your annual maintenance call

An annual safety inspection to lubricate and adjust your garage door and garage door opener system is recommended for continued safe operation and to extend the life of your garage door and garage door opener. A garage door that needs “just servicing” now could have more serious problems in the future when it can be very inconvenient. Contact Skillman Doors to schedule your COMPREHENSIVE SAFETY AND SERVICE INSPECTION.

Additionally, be on the lookout for any symptoms that something is amiss. For example:

  • If the garage door does not move smoothly when opened manually, it may need adjustment or  maintenance.
  • If the garage door is jerky, hesitant, squeaky, or makes other unusual sounds when using the garage door  opener, something is wrong. Call for service.
  • An electrically operated garage door should automatically reverse direction if it hits an object in its path. If  it does not serious injury could result. Stop using it immediately. Call for repair right away.

Always be sure to get qualified help for periodic garage door and garage door opener maintenance and adjustments.

Call us today to schedule your annual safety inspection and garage door and opener service appointment.