Traditional Style Doors: Available in three designs: Flat Panel and Raised Panel in long- or short-panel configurations, and Flush Panel.
Carriage House Style Doors: Available in hundreds of designs.
Impact Resistance: Door Surface ability to withstand the impact of basketballs, bicycles and other items used in proximity to the door.
Insulation Value: Degree of effectiveness in reducing heat transference.
Pre-finished: Some doors arrive from the manufacturer ready-to-install with weather resistant finishes, others arrive bare or with a prime coat and must be painted or stained by the homeowner.
Price Ranges(Single Car Door / No Windows) - Basic: $575 - $1,000; Moderate: $1,000 - $2,200; Premium: $2,200 - $4,200; Premium +: $4,200 - $6,000


Most noticeable architectural element on many of today’s New Jersey homes

Not only is your overhead garage door the largest moving piece of equipment in your home, it’s probably the most noticeable architectural element. When we replace an old, worn-out overhead garage door with the latest in design and materials, Skillman Doors will not only increase the “curb appeal” of your home, but we can offer you many other benefits as well. In addition to revamping the exterior of your home, new style overhead garage doors made with the most technologically advanced materials offer everything from virtually maintenance free surfaces, like garage doors in vinyl, steel or fiberglass, to certified “Green” products made with recycled wood fibers. Most of the newest overhead garage doors are available with high insulation values that help keep your utility costs down too. And when you add a garage door opener to the system you are adding convenience and security too.

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Traditional Garage Doors and Carriage House Garage Doors

Residential overhead garage doors are available in two basic styles: Traditional Style and Carriage House Style. Traditional style garage doors usually have symmetrically arranged flat or raised panel sections, with or without windows. Carriage House style overhead doors have more elaborate design aspects that are reminiscent of old swinging door, bi-fold or tri-fold styles that were used on houses, stables, barns and carriage houses. Our Portfolio contains photos of some of styles we have installed.

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Garage Doors in Vinyl, Wood, Composite, Fiberglass and Steel

A variety of materials are used to make both Traditional style and Carriage House style garage doors: vinyl, steel and fiberglass garage doors come pre-finished, wood and composite garage doors must be painted or stained. Depending on your requirements for design, impact resistance, insulation, surface finish, upkeep, and price Skillman Doors can help you choose the right door: from practically indestructible garage doors in vinyl or fiberglass, versatile wood garage doors, “green” garage doors made from composite materials, to pre-finished low maintenance steel garage doors. Have a look at our Features Matrix above to see which style and material best fits your needs.

We have garage doors in vinyl, wood, composite and steel. Let us help you make the best choice.

Commercial Garage Doors

If you need a commercial garage door in New Jersey for a warehouse, emergency services garage, filling station, or trucking company, Skillman Doors can supply commercial and industrial sectional steel or aluminum doors with a variety of window options. From 2” commercial steel doors to full view commercial garage doors with insulated glass, Skillman will supply and professionally install the commercial garage door and opener to fit your needs. We also service all brands of commercial and residential garage doors in the Northern NJ area.

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