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Traditional Style Steel

Steel garage doors, insulated or un-insulated, are a good choice for low maintenance sectional garage doors in New Jersey. Once installed, steel garage doors need no additional finishing or special care. Unlike wood or vinyl though, steel garage doors are subject to denting. The variety of available colors continues to grow, with the recent addition of wood grain finishes that from a distance look like real wood. Steel garage doors can also be painted in the color of your choice to match the details on your house. Steel garage doors come in three construction styles—single layer un-insulated, and two and three-layer insulated garage doors.

Insulated garage doors are perfect if you have living quarters above your garage.

Insulated Garage Doors

Insulated Garage Doors keep your garage and home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Available with R-values of up to 15.76, insulated garage doors are great for heated spaces and attached garages. Insulated garage doors come in double- and triple-layer construction. The double-layer is comprised of an outer, heavy- gauge steel panel, plus a layer of insulation; and the triple-layer has an additional steel surface on the inside, providing an even greater thermal barrier against heat and cold.

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Our steel garage doors will last and last and last.

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Traditional Style Steel Garage Doors

Traditional Style Steel Garage Doors are available in three basic styles: recessed panel, raised panel or flush panel; and the raised panel option is available as “short” or “long”. There are numerous combinations available for un-insulated or insulated garage doors and windows.

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Full View Steel Garage Doors

Full-view steel garage doors perfectly mirror the clean lines and glass expanses of contemporary home designs. Available in a wide variety of powder coated, anodized or painted surface colors, with many glass options, full-view steel garage doors complement a home’s sleek, modern look.

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Elegant carriage garage doors add an elegant touch to your exterior garage

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Steel Carriage Garage Doors

Steel Carriage Garage Doors provide the advantages of low maintenance and a more modest price than wood carriage house style doors, and steel carriage garage doors are available with and without insulation. The variety of steel carriage garage door designs continues to grow, as the trend in carriage garage doors becomes more popular every season. Take a look at the Amarr website to get an idea of the many steel carriage house garage door design options available.

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