Garage Door and Opener Repair and Service in New Jersey

This Code is recommended as a guideline for all who serve customers
as professional door and access systems technicians.

International Door Association
  1. Announce your arrival. Introduce yourself and the company you represent. Have personal identification available in case requested by customer.
  2. Have a neat appearance and be in uniform of clothes that conform to your company policy.
  3. Confirm with the owner the extent of your assigned work and estimated time for accomplishing the task.
  4. Review job conditions and verify material correctness.
  5. Refrain from assessing blame or discussing difficulties with the customer on assigned work.
  6. Make off premises contact with home base. If you need to leave for any reason make sure to advise customer of your absence.
  7. Make sure to perform your work in a careful and safe manner respecting the customerís property and your own safety. Do not leave oil drips on the drive way, tire marks on the lawn, or marks on the floor.
  8. Inspect and protect products to be installed. Avoid scratches and finger smudges.
  9. Install all products in accordance with manufacturerís recommendation.
  10. When making recommendations for service, consider the safety of the door system first (photocell / no photocell or safety sensor / no safety sensor, open door weight, and reliable disconnect.).
  11. Consider what is in the best interest of the customer. Always make recommendations necessary for door safety. Door system longevity and customer convenience upgrades should be presented as optional. Make sure the customer is aware of the charges and consents before proceeding with the work.
  12. Do not use the customerís tools or ladders, and avoid using their bathroom or telephone.
  13. Do not play loud music or smoke on the customerís property.
  14. Sweep, remove debris and clean-up when finished. Clean all finger smudges and touch-up all scratches.
  15. Affix all safety notices and instruct customer in the safe and proper use of the new equipment. Leave technical literature, keys and warranty with the customer or where customer can find them.
  16. Present customer with invoice. Collect payment, if arranged, thank the customer for their business and announce your departure.
  17. Complete your job papers and submit them to the office.